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What is Epidural Hematoma?

An epidural hematoma is a condition characterized by the accumulation of blood between the skull and the outermost layer of the brain's protective covering, known as the dura mater. Epidural hematomas typically occur due to trauma or injury to the head, such as a skull fracture, which causes blood vessels to rupture and bleeding to occur. This can lead to the rapid formation of a hematoma, which can increase intracranial pressure and compress the brain. Symptoms of an epidural hematoma may include headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion, seizures, and focal neurological deficits.

Why Dr. William Ares?

Dr. William Ares, a highly skilled neurosurgeon based in Chicago, IL, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of epidural hematomas. His expertise and compassionate care make him the ideal choice for patients seeking effective management of this condition.

Accurate Diagnosis: Dr. Ares utilizes advanced imaging techniques, such as CT scans and MRI, to accurately diagnose epidural hematomas and determine their size, location, and severity. Accurate and timely diagnosis is critical for determining the appropriate treatment approach.

Comprehensive Treatment Options: Dr. Ares offers a comprehensive range of treatment options for epidural hematomas, tailored to each patient's specific needs. Treatment may include close observation with serial imaging, surgical evacuation of the hematoma, or a combination of both. Dr. Ares carefully evaluates each patient's case to determine the most suitable treatment approach to achieve optimal outcomes.

Emergency Care: As an experienced neurosurgeon in Chicago, IL, Dr. Ares recognizes the urgent nature of epidural hematomas and provides prompt, emergency care for patients with this condition. Time is of the essence in managing epidural hematomas to prevent further brain injury and improve patient outcomes.

Collaborative Approach: Dr. Ares believes in a collaborative approach to patient care. He works closely with a multidisciplinary team, including emergency physicians, radiologists, and intensivists, to ensure comprehensive evaluation and optimal treatment outcomes for patients with epidural hematomas.

Patient-Centered Care: Dr. Ares is dedicated to providing patient-centered care, focusing on each individual's unique needs, concerns, and goals. He takes the time to thoroughly explain the condition, treatment options, and expected outcomes, ensuring that patients and their families are well-informed and actively involved in their healthcare decisions.

If you are seeking expert care for epidural hematomas in Chicago, IL, Dr. William Ares offers exceptional neurological expertise, utilizing advanced techniques to accurately diagnose and effectively treat epidural hematomas, aiming to improve patient outcomes and overall well-being.

Epidural Hematoma - Neurosurgeon in Chicago, IL

Epidural Hematoma


Bleeding between the skull and the outermost covering of the brain.


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